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Students of the Month

over 2 years ago

April 2018

6th Grade

Raja Pierre-Lys - Cooper

William Pickens - Wilson

Jalen Washington - Lewis

Sedrick Walker - Eldridge

Tamiyah Chandler - Higginbotham

Beiyonka Woodhouse - Miller

Gabriel Torres - Boatman

Catherine DeLaCruz - Alford

Jessenia Gutierrez - Stewart

7th Grade

Khloe Flake - Brown

Sommer Fredrick - Pierce

Emma Smith - Chapman

Amber McIntosh - Chandler

Michael Smith - Lewis

Marcquan Boyd-Clinton - Horn

Paul Buford - J. Moore

Bryson Beltran - Ward

Not Pictured:

Jakiya Avant - Higginbotham

8th Grade

Front Row:

Telysa Guido - Gates

Haylie Pettit - Brown

Jasmine Key - Lewis

Olivia Funderburk - Kirby

Amber Kilgore - M. Moore

Maclain Cook - Gann

Kirklyn Johnson - Dendy

Back Row:

Ramiya Armstrong - Ward

Ken Davidson - Borst

Gage Grist - Lewis

CJ Haynes - Aulds

Jazlyn Kyle - Lewis

Shakerria Randle - Gates

Drake Davis - Neal

Dalton Johnson - Jernigan

Jasmeaira Cousins - Gates

Kaliya Brownlee - Ward

Not Pictured: 

Alyssa Haire - Lancaster

March 2018

6th Grade

Blakely Earrey - J. Moore

Blakely Gill - Stewart

Shakayla Wofford - Boatman

Jalashia McCoy - Cooper

MiKaya Chandler - Wilson

Cooper Morphis - M. Moore

Not Pictured:

Kaleigh Townsend

Jaquarious Hill

John Robert Brassfield

Braxton Porter

7th Grade

Kaleigh Heair - Chapman

Kemper Cook - J. Moore

Jordan Pratt - Higginbotham

Bryson Beltran - Pierce

Sydney Bean - Brown

Not Pictured:

Rhianna Criddle

Michal Brassfield

8th Grade

Julius Lyons - Dendy

Diamond Hall - Borst

Brittany Brownlee - Lancaster

Autumn Britt - Eldridge

Maddie King - Brown

Gracie Moreno - Jernigan

Yasmin Ruth - J. Moore

Jayla Prophette - Griffin

Dalton Johnson - Kirby

Not Pictured:

Jonathan Fowler

Aaliyah Millsap

Karis Autry

February 2018

6th Grade

Kyla Clarett - Stewart

Katie Evans - Wilson

Kylan Marble - Boatman

Lea Grace Dendy - Higginbotham

Drew Black - Alford

Samiah Moore - Eldridge

Nevaeh Brinker - Miller

Hugo Murillo - Cooper

Devonte White - Griffin

Not Pictured:

Cataysha Holmes - Lewis

7th Grade

Alyse Neal - Pierce

Kaia Brady - J. Moore

Laura Ann Gann - M. Moore

Bryson Beltran - Chandler and Higginbotham

Logan Alvarado - Weaver

Paul Buford - Flowers

Cooper Leigh Watkins - Chapman

Jocelyn Burton - Brown

Jocelynn Loaeza - Horn

Not Pictured:

Sydney Bean - Ward

8th Grade

Harley Blakeney - Borst

Amy Murillo - Aulds

Christopher Rocha - Kirby

Penelope Harrell - Brown

Greer Nabors - Lancaster

Alexis Ellison - Gann

Malana Shettles - Dendy

January 2018

6th Grade

Zelriah Brinker - Boatman

Kailegh Townsend - Eldridge

Case Booth - Wilson

Blakely Earrey - Higginbotham

Islam Al-Omari - Cooper

Not Pictured:

Katelyn Hood - Alford

Jahiem Brownlee - Miller

Kylee Martin - Stewart

7th Grade

Brooklyn Williams - Higginbotham

Bella Griffin - J. Moore

Logan Alvarado

Halibeth Winter

Lexie Heair - Pierce

J'Mya Hatchett - Chapman

Not Pictured:

Trevor Carranza - Ward

Jordan Pratt - Horn

8th Grade

J Malik Wofford - Kirby

Alexis Sambrano - Lancaster

Makinzi Moore - Brown

MaKayla Pernell - Griffin

Not Picured

Whitney Walters - Dendy

Kaliyah Prophette - Aulds

december 2017

6th Grade

Alford- Madison Crowley

Cooper - Tyler Brand 

Wilson- Jamarcus Hall

Steward- Amy Buckley

Eldridge - Kyler Morris

Not Pictured:

M. Moore - Jeremy Cooper

Higginbotham - Madison Crowley

Miller- Jeremy Cooper

Eldridge - Kylar Morris

King-Kole Dendy

Boatman- Zelriah Brinker

7th Grade

J. Moore - Rylan Townsend

Jernigan - Hydea Farr

Chapman - Ethan Cohea

Horn - Bubba Jordan

Higginbotham - Emmy Reynolds

Ward - Taylor Pulphus

Not Pictured:
Pierce - McKenzie Bivens

Neal - Eric Stovall

Chandler - Raven Hall

Brown - Micah Hatfield

8th Grade

Borst - Malana Shettles

Lancaster - Keonte McIntosh

Dendy - Yasmin Ruth

Kirby - Hayden Crump

Aulds - Marilyn Montoya

Not Pictured: 

Griffin - Fantasia Hill

Brown - Sarah Brassfield

November 2017

6th Grade

Cataysha Holmes - Boatman

Olashaq Echoles - Miller

X'zasia Townsend - Cooper

Lara Hollingsworth - Alford

Kaleigh Estes - King

Jayden Lawrence - Eldridge

Sedrick Walker - Wilson

Not Pictured: 

Victoria Price - Stewart

7th Grade

ZaRiyah Williams - Pierce

Logan Alvarado - Flowers

Tymekia Clark - Chandler

Persia Cousins - Horn

Jamaal Power - J. Moore

Bella Griffin - Brown

Not Pictured:

Kaia Brady - Chapman

8th Grade

Saraya Crawford - Lancaster

Alyssa Haire - Aulds

William Anderson - Gann

Autumn Britt - Brown

Katie Hill - M. Moore

Kirk Johnson - Griffin

Logan Dempsey - Ward

Tayisha Walker - Dendy

Not Pictured:

Penelope Harrell - Borst

Jessica Torres - Kirby

October 2017

Ivette Gonzalez - Alford

Haley Kyle - Eldridge

Markerra Williams - Boatman

Kyler Morris - Wilson

Jalen Washington - Miller

Alyssa Murphree - King

RJ Utz - Higginbotham & Cooper

Seninah Conway - Brown

Hydea Farr - Neal

Jordan Pratt - Chapman

Jamal Cooperwood - Flowers

Josh Jernigan - Higginbotham

Zandarian Davidson - Horn

Khloe Flake - Pierce

A'laychia Raines - J. Moore

Townes Simmons - Chandler

J'Mya Hatchett - Weaver

Haley Kimble - Borst

Alexis Laster - Gann

Jayla Prophette - Griffin 

Gracie Moreno - Lancaster

Olivia Funderburk - Dendy

Gate Grist - Aulds

Not Pictured: 

Aaliyah Millsap - Ward

Ollie Franklin - Brown

Christopher Alexander - Kirby

September 2017

6th Grade

Samiyah Moore - Stewart

Cecillia Gutierrez - Miller

Kaylee Miller - Alford

Anna Bevill - Wilson

Jonathan Childress - Eldridge

Qudarrius Conway - Cooper

Not Pictured:

Victoria Price - King

Ivette Gonzalez - Boatman

Summer Aubert - Higginbotham

7th Grade

Alaychia Raines - Chandler

Jaden Ezell - Neal

Amber McIntosh - J. Moore

Emniyah Vance - Brown

Seninah Conway - Pierce

Alyse Neal - Chapman

Not Pictured:

Jacob Gordillo - Horn

Marcquan Boyd-Clinton - Flowers

Taylor Pulphus - M. Moore

Micah Hatfield - Malone

8th Grade

Haylie Pettit - Borst

Malik Price - Gann

Diamond Hall - Lancaster

Alexis Laster - Jernigan

Bailey Shaw - Harrell

Jackson Laster - Aulds

Khenyia Williams - Dendy

Alexis Ellison - Kirby

Heather Blakely - Ward

Whitney Walters - Brown

august 2017

6th Grade

John Hodge Murphree - Miller 

Corley Carter - Stewart 

Katie Cook - Alford

Jamil Wofford - Boatman

Alondra Valera - Wilson

Sara Casados - King

Emma Cook - Eldridge

Kennedy Pearson - Cooper

Not Pictured:

Blakely Gill - Jernigan 

7th Grade

Jacob Gordillo - Neal

Trent Sanders - Flowers

Dylan Hughes - Chapman

Hydiea Farr - Brown

Raven Hall - Horn

Breeanah Bell - Chandler

Haley Moore - Weaver

Shaley Bustamante - Pierce

Kalasia Johnson - J. Moore

Latreveone Davidson - Higginbotham

8th Grade

William Anderson - Ward

Tyshawn Vance - Griffin

Richard De La Cruz - Lancaster

Hayden Mann - Dendy

Maddie King - Brown

Casey Unruh - Gann

Bailey Shaw - Kirby

Not Pictured: 

Kirk Johnson - M. Moore

Will Wright - Aulds

William Vance - Borst

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Teachers of the Month

over 2 years ago

Laquanda Cooper

6th Grade ELA Teacher

MARCH 2018

I am a graduate of Houston High School and Mississippi StateUniversity with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. I have been teaching for fourteen years, and I am currently one of the 6th Grade English Language Arts Teachers at Houston Middle School. Teaching is one of my passions. Therefore, I strive to do my best daily to help students reach their maximum

potential. I strongly believe all students can learn and it is my job to find
that creative teaching strategy to utilize in order for that learning to come
to fruition!

Danna Harrell

Library Media Specialists

February 2018

I am the Houston Middle School librarian. I work with students in the 6th - 8th grade. I have a degree in elementary education, as well as an endorsement in library media from the University of Mississippi. I worked as an 8th grade reading teacher for 14 years prior to working in my current position. I am also the yearbook advisor for the middle school, and I am excited about creating a fantastic yearbook this year. As always, feel free to contact me with any library or yearbook questions.

Keith Jernigan

P.E./Girls Basketball

January 2018

I am the 6th - 8th grade physical education teacher, as well as the 7th and 8th grade girls basketball coach. I graduated from the University of Mississippi with a degree in Health and Physical Education.

Carey Ward

7th & 8th Language Arts 

December 2017

As a graduate of Houston High, I am honored to teach in my hometown. This is my eleventh year at HMS, and I love the middle grades with all of their challenges and achievements! I currently hold a bachelor's of science degree from Mississippi State University and a master's degree from the University of Mississippi. My plans are to continue my education, because we never stop learning!

Joyce Moore

7th Grade Math Teacher

November 2017

Ms. Moore has taught school for 25 years, with the past five at Houston Middle School, where she teaches 7th grade math and math tutorial.  She has a degree in Elementary Education from Blue Mountain College, with endorsements in math and science. Ms. Moore says one of the best parts about teaching is seeing a student’s face light up after grasping how to work a difficult problem.

Sabrina Weaver

7th Grade Inclusion Teacher

October 2017

Ms. Weaver teaches 7th grade Language Arts Inclusion, Math Inclusion and tutorial. This is her third year teaching at Houston Middle School. She has a degree in Elementary Education with endorsements in Special Education, Language Arts, and Science from the University of Mississippi.

Susan Eldridge

6th Grade Language Arts; Speech & Drama 

September 2017

Mrs. Eldridge teaches Language Arts and Speech and Drama at Houston Middle School. She is a graduate of Amory High School, Itawamba Community College, and Mississippi State University.

Kay Borst

8th Grade Science

August 2017


Mrs. Borst is a graduate of Houston High School and Mississippi State University. She has an Elementary Education degree with several educational endorsements. She has taught at HMS for 15 years. Mrs. Borst says she loves her job and enjoys watching the children grow into young men and ladies.